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Trump National Golf Course worth only $1.35 million? Really?

Donald Trump’s attorneys tried to value a luxurious golf course in tony Westchester County, New York, that he bragged was worth “at least $50 million” at only $1.35 million for tax purposes. I bet he wouldn’t sell it to you for that. Of course, his motive is clear enough: [...]

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A 5-minute primer on vote supression

Politics is a dirty, bare-knuckles business. But of all the dirty rotten things Republicans do, none are nastier than their attempts to keep American citizens from voting in their own country — a right our veterans fought and died for. Of course, they rarely come right out and say “we do[...]

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UW: Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others

“I’m sorry to see the President dismiss the union’s effort to ask for more consistent application of hiring standards as an attempt to prevent “positive relationships with administrators.” In my view, the union has provided a useful vehicle in this instance for faculty [...]

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Trump Will Not Reveal His Taxes, But Will Take an IQ Test!

Trump Tells U.K. TV: ‘I’m Not Stupid, Okay’… Challenges London Mayor To Take An IQ Test…[...]

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Putin unleashes the ultimate retribution against Obama

Russia’s president-for-life, Vladimir Putin (remember the barechested guy on a horse?) doesn’t like our term-limited president. He doesn’t like President Obama’s criticism of his invasion of Crimea, attempted conquest of Ukraine, and meddling in Syria. (Actually it was the Tu[...]

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THE Ace Challenge: What is a “Shklee?”

Christopher Goodwin  The whole pronoun thing is a joke. First lets remember that we are talking about 0.2% of the population if you use the most general definition. Second you must consider that currently in grade-school this is a fad. nearly 25% of students are asserting that they are gay, trans, [...]

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Lincoln’s Jewish Friends

The Jews have been a side story of American history … hiding behind the more dramatic ethnic fights over slavery and the extermination of Native Americans, Jews benefited from a religious tolerance that was intended for Christian dissenters but permitted us to live as normal citizens … p[...]

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Who is Norm Arkans?

Norm Arkans is head of the UW’s Office of Media Relations and Communications My biggest concern is that Mr. Arkans’ activities are not overseen by the Faculty Senate. ¬†In effect we have a Minister of Propaganda whose activities curtail the free speech that should be part of the central [...]