An Update on The Racist Bridge in South Carolina.

Chareston bridge

The bridge has been criticized for being slippery on the rare occasion when it gets cold in Charleston.   I wonder whether Black citizens avoid this bridge even when it is not icy in South Carolina? 

So, now the racist flag no longer lies over South Carolina’s capital.  Sadly, the damned flag still flies proudly 116 miles to the south in Charleston where my sister and her husband live.

Then there is a bridge. 

Removing that damned flag took the deaths of nine good people  during a prayer service.  The oh so liberal folks on Charleston were proud of this (that is the taking down of the flag), despite living in a city where the flag is still displayed proudly.  They were even undisturbed when not a single high level state  official, not the Republican governor, the Republican Lt Governor or either  Republican Senator  had the guts to show up for the lowering  of the racist flag.

Then there is the bridge, a damned bridge named after a racist, South Carolina politician and racist, Arthur Ravene, Jr.


“Certainly, Arthur Ravenel is a fine, decent person, but that bridge is bigger than any one individual and it should reflect all the qualities of the state and not some state senator who happens to be in the Legislature the time the structure is being built.”  member of bridge commission.

Like so many other white citizens in this city,  Ravenel did not see his pride in the Confederacy as a problem.  Ravenel  was a member of Moultrie Camp, Sons of Confederate Veterans.  He was also a strident  supporter of the Confederate flag being flown at the South Carolina statehouse.

Ravenel provoked controversy at a rally for the flag in 2000 when he referred to the NAACP as the “National Association for Retarded People”. Ravenel  apologized to mentally handicapped people for comparing them to the NAACP. Many called for the Charleston bridge to be renamed.

Ravenel once said that his fellow white congressional committee members operated on “black time”, which he characterized as meaning “fashionably late”.

Foreplace West Ashley South CarolinaOf course the Ravenel bridge is not the only offensive monument in this ethnically afflicted city.  How many Jews in Charleston knew their city had, until recently, a monument to the Nazis?  Charleston had a POW camp for Nazi soldiers.  All that was left was a chimney from what looked like a barbecue.   Of course there was plaque memorializing the POWs.

Despite the offensive nature of this relic of the Nazi era, locals in South Carolina tried to prevent the owners of the lot from tearing the Nazi relic down.  But its owners, member of a local Jewish family,   repeatedly sought to remove it but, given the nature of South Carolina, there was little of no support from their fellow citizens to tear it down.

Mary Ann Pearlstine Aberman, a co-owner of the property, told The New York Times last year that she wanted it gone, partly because she did not want it to become “a shrine to Nazis. Every time I see the structure, it makes me think about the ovens,”

Quick's home

Bill’s home.

Now the Nazi Chimney has been torn down, apparently to the distress of my South Carolinian brother in Law, Bill Quick,

Bill and my sister Steph chose to move to South Carolina, as they then said for the climate and the low taxes.  They strike me as having the notmla attitude ytowad other races, certainly not bigoted . The sad thing is that he sees none of the pain this bridge must cause for any African American.  Imagine havong to drive across the Adolph Hitler Bridge?

Bill Quick (FACEBOOK)  the chimney is finally gone — see…/last-remnant-of-west…  This toad should crawl back into his swamp and stop annoying the world with his misinformation and bigotry.”



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  1. William Quick #

    Sorry, folks, but Stephen is wrong when he misstates that “not a single high level state official, not the Republican governor, the Republican Lt Governor or either Republican Senator had the guts to show up for the lowering of the racist flag.”

    WRDW video clearly shows Gov Haley (at 1:47 into the video) and interviewing her, she was there (1:20 into the same video)

  2. William Quick #

    Stephen is also wrong when he claims that “the flag is still displayed proudly” in Charleston. To my knowledge the only place that it is displayed, it is not “displayed proudly” — at the Citadel. Last summer, the Citadel Board of Visitors voted to remove the flag. However, leaders of the GOP-controlled S.C. Legislature had no desire to open up the Heritage Act which outranks the Board in the decision to remove the flat.

    Read more here:

  3. William Quick #

    Stephen overreaches when he attempts to devine why Steph and I chose to move to South Carolina, “apparently for the climate and the low taxes.” He does not know why, and it’s NONE OF HIS BUSINESS.

    And he’s absolutely positively dead wrong in his mis-assumption that I was distressed that the German POW chimney was removed — I was among many Jewish citizens of Charleston who encouraged the family to continue their (successful) fight. I’d ask him for an apology for his misstatement, but at best, all that I’ll get is some snotty response.

  4. theaveeditor #

    Thank you for your comments.

    All I know of your choice to retire to South Carolina were the things you and Steph talked about.

    On the other issue, yes my sentence was poorly worded. It has now been revised bit I still do understand how anyone who lives in Soth Carolina can tolerate that bridge. How do you feel about it????

  5. theaveeditor #

    Well . maybe. There is video of her in her office. There is a difficult to make out woman in a white dress, Is that her? Removal of Fla SC

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