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George Zimmerman auctions Trayvon Martin death gun

Vigilante George Zimmerman needs money, so he’s auctioning the pistol he used to kill Trayvon Martin. Bids start at $5,000 if you’re interested. And if you are interested, you’re one sick puppy; please seek professional help. (Read story here.) Photo: Zimmerman is all smiles. Why s[...]

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Happy Birthday Israel


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What me pay taxes??

Trump: I don’t plan to release my tax returns before November “There’s nothing to learn from them,” the presumptive nominee told The… POLITICO.COM|BY NICK GASS   Mitt Romney It is disqualifying for a modern-day presidential nominee to refuse to release tax returns to the voters, esp[...]

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Robot Breaks the “Flesh” Ceiling

Elon Musk Replaced By Robot As CEO Of Tesla Motors In a surprising move, Tesla Motors removed Elon Musk as CEO this morning and replaced him with a highly intelligent robot. In a statement posted on its website, the pioneering electric car company thanked Musk for his years of service, but told inve[...]

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Poll: Trump vs. root canal

The root canal won. Trump also lost to lice, jury duty, and traffic jams, all of which are more popular than he is. (Read story here.)[...]

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Why We Keep Coming Back To Saving “Black” Lives

The real problem is not “race.” The real problem is occupation. Police issues ALWAYS arise whenever a group of people .. gypsies, jews, blacks, irish, palestinians, bantu, apache …. (lower cases intended) are confined to a geographic area by any force other than their own choice. .[...]

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An Update on The Racist Bridge in South Carolina.

So, now the racist flag no longer lies over South Carolina’s capital.  Sadly, the damned flag still flies proudly 116 miles to the south in Charleston where my sister and her husband live. Then there is a bridge.  Removing that damned flag took the deaths of nine good people  during a pray[...]

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Bertha’s Bore Coming To the End!