Sanders Campaign Hype: Hypocrisy over Illegal Immigrants

Bernie spocks on“It is our duty, as a country of immigrants, to embrace and protect our undocumented brothers and sisters.” Bernie Sanders

This is nonsense.  It is my duty to support any good person needing work. But, borders are a reality. The immigrants are not “undocumented” any more than poor people in Sudan or Syria are.

Why should someone with enough resources to break into the US be more deserving of our respect than abused people living anywhere else in the world?

The hypocrisy is, of course, made toxic by the fact that the US ia an example of colonialism.  We came.  We saw.  We conquered.,

If Sanders were sincere in this, rather than toadying to a campaign issue, he would support immigration on a scale larger than those who break US law,  

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