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The myth of Sanders’ electability

Bernie Sanders argues he should get the Democratic nod because he polls better against Trump than Hillary. True, as far as it goes, but that’s not the whole story. Here’s why he does: “As The Huffington Post reported in mid-April, of the roughly $383 million spent on campaign telev[...]

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Erica C Barnett on Homelessness

Erica C. Barnett My latest piece at The C Is for Crank explores two responses to homelessness, and finds both of them lacking. The standard neighborhood response–offer services but lock up or sweep away those who refuse to go to treatment or shelter–accepts that we need systemic solution[...]

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Tom Corbett Lands at Sea!

SpaceX/Handout via Reuters SpaceX again successfully landed its Falcon 9 rocket on a drone ship at sea after launching it into space from Florida early Friday. The landing marks the third time SpaceX has recovered the booster post-launch and the second time the unmanned rocket has landed intact on t[...]

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TRUMP .. no worries Tags!


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THE Ave Challenge: What is it?

A. Scene from Alens Redux B. Shell less snail C. Mercury thiocyanate D. Intestinal parasite from Mongolia E. Nadrops Cuneiform[...]

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Trump Trauma

Trump Spokeswoman: Ryan Not Fit To Be Speaker… Carson: ‘Very Disappointed’ With Ryan’s Stance… Romney Won’t Back Trump, Worried About ‘Demagoguery And Populism’… Why Ryan Smacked Down Nominee… Adelson Boards Trump Train… GOP Being Yan[...]

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THE Ave Challenge

This hijab wearing fencer will represent which  country in The 2016 Olympics? A. Canada B. USA C. Israel D. Saudi Arabia E. Russia[...]

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Listen to Edison’s Talking Doll