Mayday in Seattle

Tom Davidson

Heard an interesting wrap-up of the Seattle May Day demonstration on KIRO News Radio this morning with Josh Kearns. He said the group of people who caused most of the problems amounted to about 75 individuals.

He described them as “mostly White,” and said he noticed quite a few of the anti-Capitalist demonstrators wearing $200 Nike shoes, and some wearing jackets and backpacks from NorthFace, as well as other popular and expensive name brands.

As they went south, some stopped off at such well-known anti-Capitalist hangouts as McDonald’s, Arby’s and Jack in the Box.

When asked where the demonstrators went after the group was broken up by police, Kearns said many used their iPhones and Samsung Galaxy’s to get rides home from their parents, because he saw plenty of them pile into Lexus’, BMW’s and Mercedes.

I love Seattle protesters. Always so willing to show their true colors.

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