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Tax The Middle Class

David Brewster Ross Douthat puts his finger on the critical issue in Bernie’s programs: high tax increases on the middle class. The media rarely mention this, but it is political dynamite for the delicate Democratic coalition of donor-class, social liberals, ethnics, and the middle class. Dout[...]

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Why Obamacare IS working

Whatever our future may be, big government healthcare or big corporate healthcare seem to be the only viable choices.   United Health Group, the largest health insurer in the U.S. announced lat April that it is pulling  out of most states’ Obamacare exchanges.  The company said it has lost [...]

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Do Hedge Investments Harm the UW Endowment?

“Endangered Endowments: How Hedge Funds Are Bankrupting Higher Education” Wednesday, April 27th, 6pm, Smith 102 The University of Washington invests over $500 million dollars of its endowment in hedge funds—largely unregulated, high-cos[...]

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TRUMP: The choice of a MAJORITY

Poll: Trump Reaches 50 Percent Support Nationally for the First Time[...]

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So, Whats Up With The Ballard Beaver?

Christopher Goodwin It’s that time of year when the Ballard Beaver comes to life! Yes businesses along Shilshole avenue actually got an old train and some cars and set them up on a disused rail line where a few times a year they move empty train cars from 45th NW to Market street and back. [&h[...]

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THE SPIN MACHINE: Bernie Takes His Money From The Military!

The campaign game of saying that one or another ogre pays for your opponents campaign goes on and on.  Measured this way, Bernie’s big givers are the military industrial complex (aka soldiers and Boeing workers) and  the techies.  In stark contrast, military members apparently do not suppor[...]

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Sawant Shows Her Colors