Commentary by SMS: Celebrating the Palestinian Horror

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The American Jewish media is full of celebrations  of the horrific deeds of the Palestinians.  Open any Jewish  site on the web and the headlines will be about a family murdered, a bus blown up.  A Jewish child killed by a knife wielding Arab not much older than he.

This stuff is horrid.  It is as horrible as the stories of Indian savagery in the American west.  Yes, men were scalped. Children stolen or killed. Women raped or enslaved.

That sort of horror is what happens when one people occupies another’s land.

Justice is not the real issue in Israel.  Arab antisemitism is not new, not a result of Israel.  Israeli Arabs show how Muslims living together with Jews, at least in a Jewish state, can prosper.   The Arab and Muslim guilt for dhimmihood, forced conversion, and murder go all the way back to the Prophet’s ethnic cleansing of Arabia.

Reality is the issue.  There is no realistic road to peace that does not go through two states.
The Jewish media, however, celebrates the horrors without dealing with the reality .. the occupation of a minority that hate the occupiers inevitably leads to horror. Hamas WANTS exactly the reaction you give. Likud’s shared goal with Hamas is to create a toxic environment in Israel/Palestine that leaves no “out” but war.

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