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$6,000,000 for their son

The City of Cleveland has agreed to pay the family of Tamir Rice, 12, who was gunned down by an incompetent rookie police officer, two payments of $3 million each to settle their civil suit against the city. Rice was playing with a toy gun in a public park when he was killed by a […][...]

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Commentary by SMS: Celebrating the Palestinian Horror

The American Jewish media is full of celebrations  of the horrific deeds of the Palestinians.  Open any Jewish  site on the web and the headlines will be about a family murdered, a bus blown up.  A Jewish child killed by a knife wielding Arab not much older than he. This stuff is horrid.  It [...]

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Finally, A Real Challenger for Reichert?

Former sportscaster Tony Ventrella to challenge Reichert in 8th District Tony Ventrella, a Democrat, says he’ll do his campaign without taking PAC money or big donations, against the advice of the DCCC. Ventrella also considered running for Congress in 2000[...]

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KANSAS .. Court Rules Against OZ

Court smacks down Kansas Christians for labeling evolution a religion to force school ban A federal court rejected the argument from a Christian group in Kansas which said that evolution was religious “indoctrination” and should not be taught in schools.[...]

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Mike James on our political season

Mike James  FACEBOOK Some Tuesday questions – – Why can’t I watch more than 2-3 minutes of a Ted Cruz lecture (that’s what they are, not speeches that reach out to us, but mannered instructions on how we must think) without wanting to walk away – or throw something? Wh[...]

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APPLESAUCE: Apple is so much yesterday

LeEco CEO Jia Yueting says Apple is outdated[...]

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The US Declares War on Spain

April 25, 1898:   As the Fox and the Repugnant Party calls for  War War, Read More at The Nation[...]

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FACEBOOK: A Dialog About Israel

Naomi Rhoads True support of Israel, which is also a support of Palestinians and neighboring Arab countries, is supporting the ISRAELI PEACE MOVEMENT and not war hawk Netanyahu, (Israel’s equivalent of a Republican politician.) PEACE benefits the ordinary people….in Israel….in Pale[...]

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Commentary by Charlie: Seattle’s Black Churches

Over a dozen Black churches sit on land that is worth millions of Dollars to developers. Goodwill with its downtown View sitting on nearly a block of prime property for development, Mt Zion, First AME,New Hope etc are worth their weight in gold to some of these people. They have already moved the me[...]

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“Funny you do not look Jewish?”

Is There a Jewish Race?  Dear Aaron,  So much of what I read today is about a racial divide.  My problem is I do not understand how there can be a racial divide without someone telling me how to define “race.” So am I, a “Jew,” part of a Jewish “race?”  Can I[...]