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Inflation: The City Council Needs More Pork

 ERICA BARNETT C is for Crank Tomorrow, the city council plans to fund nine new legislative assistants, one for each council member, bringing the total number of legislative assistant salaries for each office to four. (Council members can divide up those salaries however they want, for example by h[...]

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The Failure of Socialism

What BS. Socialism is a word and has been misused as often as “democracy” has been misused. North Korea is the a Democratic Republic and the third Reich was socialist[...]

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Is Seattle’s Boom A Bubble?

David Brewster Be sure to read this essay by Jon Talton on the roots of Seattle’s unequal growth-spurt. One interesting point he makes is that Seattle is becoming a laggard in starting up new businesses. They are being squeezed out by high costs, monopolies, and city regulations. Key quote: &#[...]

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Anthony, a Collage

Yeah, I made a collage ha. I am looking at pics thought it was cool to see myself at (12 in the pic, started playing at 10) all the way to 19. This is what I am writing about. Respeck my game hahahaha. MY chapter is a reflection of MY BASKETBALL EXPERIENCE IN SEATTLE. Never […][...]

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Who is Clayton Bigsby? A. Grand Dragon of the KKK B. Republican Candidate for Governor in Kentucky C. Ted Cruz speech writer D. Black member of the Bundy gang E.  An American Comedian[...]

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How to board a plane while wearing a turban


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The Kochs See the Light, Will Bernie See it Too?

Charles Koch: ‘It’s possible’ Clinton would be better president than a Republican The billionaire didn’t write off a Clinton presidency as the best option in 2016. Maybe Bernie will too? Imagine Bernie morph8ng into a campaign for Congress and Hillary becoming President! [...]

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BUCHENWALD 113 What it means to be a Jew

Today is the third day of Passover.  Yesterday we celebrated our first seder at 9AM in Seattle, sharing it with our children who live in Oslo at their time for a second seder! The Haggadah we use is unique, written by my wife, my children and myself over the four decasdes since the assassination o[...]

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Seders become a White House Tradition

Eight years ago a group of Obama colleagues put on the a Passover seder for members of the Obama campaign staff.  This was 203 years after another President, Thomas Jefferson , hosted the first Iftar*  in the White House.  Jefferson’s invitation to a Tunisian representative probably grew o[...]

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