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Cliven Bundy’s cattle

Some people argue this guy manages public land better than the government does. Then why are his cows starving to death? Read the story here.    [...]

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UW abolishes shared governance III: A response by the President

Dear Chris, It is simply NOT fair to ask someone to do the job of Provost this long – he’s already completed one year and would complete at a minimum about 2 1/2 if I started a national search now – with an “interim” title. I’m not defending Jerry against anything[...]

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I Am For Bernie Sanders To Make the Right Choice


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Why Ethnic identity and race are NOT the same things.

There is no DNA test to prove you’re Native American’   By Linda Geddes “People think there is a DNA test to prove you are Native American. There isn’t” DNA testing is changing how Native Americans think about tribal membership. Yet anthropologist Kim Tallbear…  tells Linda Gedde[...]

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Imagine Bernie running a national campaign this summer to take back the Congress!

MSNBC has a post suggesting that Trump’s unpopularity could put GOP House control in danger. THIS COULD HAPPEN, IF .. IF … Bernie decides that getting things done is more important than his sainthood.[...]

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Call me Honky

This began as a discussion with a Jewish friend, someone I respect greatly. I will call my friend Aaron. Aaron, of course is a pseudonym.  The words below the picture (of John Carridine as Aaron)  are an edited version of an email sent to me. Aaron is a socially committed and very learned Jew. He[...]

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Kol Nidre

Kol Nidre  (Aramaic: כָּל נִדְרֵי) is an Aramaic declaration recited in the synagogue before the beginning of the evening service on every Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. The song is a plea to be released from obligatins under Jewish law, obligations Jews in Spain could not meet under [...]

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Passover, Breakdance