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Remember when Hastert said child molesters should get life sentences?

  But that’s not the tune his lawyers are singing now. Read the story here.[...]

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Trump says put Tubman on $3 bill

Yet another GOP presidential candidate has gripes about replacing Indian-killer Andy Jackson on the $20 bill with anti-slavery hero Harriet Tubman. Trump said on NBC’s “Today Show” this morning, “Well, Andrew Jackson had a great history,* and I think it’s very rough** w[...]

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What Happens When Seattle’s Black Neighborhood Becomes “Schwarzenfrei?”

The most ironic  part of the protest against Uncle Ike’s MJ shop is the that the activists are Black but the  Central D is now “schwartzenfrei” … that is free of the African Americans who once made this a vibrant center of Seattle culture.   The complaints range from cha[...]

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Tea Party loses another high-stakes redistricting fight in SCOTUS

For the second time in a row, the Supreme Court has rebuffed efforts by Tea Party activists to redraw America’s election maps in favor of rural conservatives. First, let’s quickly review the SCOTUS redistricting jurisprudence of the last half century. In Baker v. Carr (1962), the Court [...]

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UW abolishes shared governance

Dear UW faculty colleagues, The following message has been approved by the AAUP executive board for distribution to faculty. UW President Ana Mari Cauce circulated an email to faculty, staff and students (14th April) stating the current interim Provost Baldasty has performed in his role for the last[...]

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Why are we building another law school….?

UW Tacoma has announced they are building a new law school. How much of this is pork, another way to subsidize the Tacoma economy? While UWT does a lot of good, anyone who visits the “city of destiny ” knows, that this campus is terribly important to a local economy that has not develope[...]

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Familiarity breeds contempt

Here’s an interesting factoid from Tuesday’s primary: Trump lost only one congressional district in New York. Guess which one? Where he lives. The people who know him best like Kasich better. (Read the story here.)[...]

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MJ: Kosher for Pesach!

First Beans and Rice, Now Marijuana kosher for Passover After smelling the leaves of a cannabis plant, Rabbi Kanievky and Rabbi Yitzchak Zilberstein, another leading Orthodox authority, decided that the plant had a “healing smell” and made the blessing for fragrant leaves. First the Conservative[...]

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Mirel: Is Bernie Anti Israel?

Mirel Goldenberg Hamas knows that if they were to deploy their rockets and place the entrances to their terror tunnels in unpopulated areas – as the laws of war require – the Israeli military could attack these military targets without endangering civilians. But Hamas wants Israel to injure and [...]

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Commies Like Guns Too!