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Jonathon Golub Josh and Dr. Schwartz, you’ve both asked why I support Sanders over Clinton. This is a short synopsis that covers a broad spectrum of policy areas (economic, environmental, education, healthcare, and foreign policy) on which I find HRC lacking and contrary to an honest accounting of the available data. This is not to say HRC is a bad person, inadequate to the task of being president, inexperienced, not a fighter, etc etc. It’s what she would fight for that makes me worried and less than enthusiastic. I”m pretty sure Sanders, if nominated, would win the presidency. Once there, it’s clear the entire system–and both political parties–would fight each and every one of the policies that Sanders would want. That’s the real problem. I don’t think the solution is to pick the candidate who gives up, at the start, on doing the right thing.



HRC, who is a fine person and a talented politician…..(SMS responses in bold) 

1) OPPOSES universal single payer healthcare. She is in favor of our current system that enshrines the private insurance industry. This is despite every other country in the G7 having a healthcare system with at least a public option… AND lower healthcare costs, better healthcare outcomes, and less hassle for providers.

No. She has NEVER said this. What she has said, along with every health economist I have read, is that single payer is a fine goal but can not be done until we restructure our over priced provider system.  That is the intent (and apparently a successful one) of Obamacare.

I have an essay coming on this on TA. You may want to respond when it appears. 

2) OPPOSES universal access to higher education. This is despite access to higher education as a cornerstone of successful economies around the world, and entirely affordable and successful in countries like Canada, UK, and Germany.
No. She has said that the Bernie’s proposal to support this form a transaction fee on stocks will not work. In fact she is correct, that tax where it has been enacted brings in far too little money.
Beyond that, your comparison with other countries is false for several reasons. First, only the uS suports an elitist group of private universities. These comprise all but three of the top schools in the US. Second, the countries you refers to do not allow unlimitted admission to their universities. They use merit tests that the uS is unlikely to adopt. Thirs, higher ed in the uS includes many areas … including religion, thatg would not make sens efor oput state to support.
3) OPPOSES a living minimum wage. This is despite growing data, including some from Seattle and Washington State, that paying people a livable minimum wage does NOT increase inflation, and in fact associates with stronger and more robust economies.
No. She sports a national minimal wage. The idea that one wage fits San Francisco and Idaho is absurd.
4) OPPOSES a carbon tax to address climate change. This is despite a broad spectrum of economists who agree that is the ONLY realistic means of curbing emissions–and by far the most efficient and cost effective way of handling the looming consequences of global warming.
NO. You must read other economists than I do. What I have read of the European experience says that, sadly, companies are all to clever at subverting this.  I am also unaware of where she has spoken against a carbon tax. Cite please.
5) OPPOSES cautious and limited use of US military power in the world, and instead strongly and consistently fights for an aggressive and hawkish foreign policy–making her more extreme on this position than Trump or Cruz. This is despite now nearly two decades of calamity from this sort of foreign policy.
UTTER NONSENSE: Here I  know she has never said such things. Cite please. Meantime, Bernie has still offerd NO foreign poilicy and lacks a FP policy team.
6) OPPOSES reenactment of the regulations of Glass-Steagall, preventing commercial banks (checking and savings accounts) from being mixed in with investment banks (derivatives and bullshit). She OPPOSES any reform of the completely inept rating agencies. In short she OPPOSES and firm regulation of the financial services sector.
YES ... but, she is backed by Barnie Frank who has huge expertise on this topic and by most economists, including Krugman. Note that Elizabeth Warren has not endorsed Bernie. Why” One answer is that he has yet offer concrete plans.

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