BREAKING NEWS!: Jackson gone! Tubman rules the 20.

Harriet Tubman’s Journey to the $20 Bill

The Treasury Department is expected to announce that the African American woman who helped slaves escape to free states will replace Andrew Jackson on the front of the new note.


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  1. Roger Rabbit #

    I like it. Harriet Tubman began life as a lowly creature in a world made by the God of segregationists. As a slave, African-American, and woman, she couldn’t vote and was only some white man’s chattel property in the America of her time. Now, she’s coming up in the world by replacing Indian-killer Andy Jackson on the $20 bill. It’s not that America itself has changed very much: Women are still slaves, and African-Americans still can’t vote. But symbolic change sometimes heralds the beginning of real change. If you see Republicans griping about this revamping of our currency that’s why.

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