Ben Carson Feels Andrew Jackson Has Been Wronged


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Poor Ms. Taubman will be carrying Andrew on her back!

Ben Carson is complaining that Obama did an injustice to Andrew Jackson by putting Harriet Taubman on the face of the $20 bill.  So sad.  I realize that an Oreo like Ben has trouble.  How can he expect to understand  how those of us who think slavery was a big deal or feel shame about the extermination of indigenous Americans under Jackson? I suspect that southern whites, like my brother in law Bill Quick, also treasure the memory of the hero of New Orleans.   Hell, anyone who thinks removing the damned flag was enough of a gesture toward African Americans is going to bemoan this change as mere political correctness.

I have a bigger problem, Jack Lew the Jewish Secretary of Sate, has said he is leaving the seventh President of the US and hero of the confederacy on the back of the bill!  In other words, poor Ms. Taubman will be carrying Andrew on her back!

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