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Ben Carson Feels Andrew Jackson Has Been Wronged

Poor Ms. Taubman will be carrying Andrew on her back! Ben Carson is complaining that Obama did an injustice to Andrew Jackson by putting Harriet Taubman on the face of the $20 bill.  So sad.  I realize that an Oreo like Ben has trouble.  How can he expect to understand  how those of us who [&hel[...]

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So, what did the DNA test show?


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Bernie seems determined to destroy his own credibility!


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BREAKING NEWS: The GOP Will Nominate Ryan and Haley Following the polls after last week’s debate, the RNC has quietly decided to run Paul Ryan and Nikki Haley. None of the more or less corporate candiates,  Marco Rubio, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush or Ohio Gov. Jo[...]

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This is an honor code?

Brigham Young University suspended student Madi Barney for reporting being raped to Provo police. BYU’s Mormon-inspired honor code forbids premarital sex. Barney has filed a federal Title IX complaint against the school. Not only that, she also contends the school illegally obtained the incid[...]

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BREAKING NEWS!: Jackson gone! Tubman rules the 20.

Harriet Tubman’s Journey to the $20 Bill The Treasury Department is expected to announce that the African American woman who helped slaves escape to free states will replace Andrew Jackson on the front of the new note. Readmore[...]

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Responding to a Bernie Supporter

  Jonathon HRC, who is a fine person and a talented politician…..(SMS responses in bold)    1) OPPOSES universal single payer healthcare. She is in favor of our current system that enshrines the private insurance industry. This is despite every other country in the G7 having a healthcare sy[...]

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Adolph’s Birthday


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How to blow a few million of WASTATE tax dollars!

Got this email today. Assuming that all our Department faculty show up and based on a reasonable professional fee of $200/hr, this exercises in UW CMA (as in cover my ass)  is going to cost tens of thousands of dollars??? If we extend the same absurdity to the entire campus, and guessing that a min[...]

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Political Hypocrisy

Sanders rips closed party primaries in New York: ‘That’s wrong’ Bernie Sanders agreed with an independent supporter that it is wrong that New York does not allow open voting … Republicans, Greens, Nazis …whoever should have the vote? Trouble is Bernie also celebrates t[...]