Why the Bernie Campaign Scares Me and Robert Reich


Click either Jew for more about Bernie as a saint.

I hope, as a Jew, Bernie might find “messiah” an obnoxious term.

Politicians MUST be hypocrites.  Bernie, for his part, has supported the NRA, criminalized stem cell research and taken campaign funds from Goldman Sachs and Hillary’s PACs.

Sp Bernie’s trip to the Vartican did noit upset me.  What does worry me is tha effort by his followers to turn Bernie into a saint.

Bridget Osunruku I wish we were Christ-like in every way, there would have been peace in the world, there wouldn’t have been poverty, hunger, no corporates tax evasions, homelessness, no discriminations and above all love your fellow beings. So don’t ever compare any of these self-consisted politicians with Christ our Saviour. That’s a prank going too far. It is in bad taste.Capture

 Paula Beiger Jesus is not political. He is Divine. I’d love to see all You Bernie lovers give up All the possessions you have and follow Bernie and allow him to distribute it, as he see fit, for the good of all!
 Jack Smith Jesus is also Human. People often forget that when they only see one side of the Man.

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