Bernie and Guns

Bernie and Guns

Beverly Jackson  !1

But wait…below appears to be a photo of Charleton Heston marching for civil rights during the same period. Too bad he later decided to become the waterboy for the NRA and helped flood African American streets with handguns–creating carnage on a massive scale–and will thus be nothing more than a sonofabitch in our eyes.

And too bad Bernie decided to carry water for the gun lobby, notwithstanding his “D” rating with the NRA. And although he is not a sonofabitch–cuz he didn’t carry as much water as Heston–he carried too much to get my vote, nor the vote of anyone who wants hand guns off our streets.

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This is an excellent post.from FACEBOOK. 
My only comment is that hypocrisy is intrinsic to politics. I doubt that Sanders is pro gun. But, if he were to be elected in Vermont, that is the price.
Bernie has taken other stands like this. He voted for a bill that makes scientists criminal if we work with human embryos! That vote worries me more. Either he is as ignorant of science as the typical Tea Party type, or he was pandering on that isue too.
Anyway, I can tolerate pandering. What worries me more is the possibility that Sanders is teetering on the edge of convincing himself that he is a saint.

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