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LIVE … election results from NY


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Freedom Fighters: Warsaw Ghetto Day 1 of the Resistance


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There Is No Bernie Sanders Movement

 David Brewster Here’s a long and thoughtful article on the Bernie Sanders’ insurgency. History suggests that it won’t last long unless the fairly narrow base of Sanders’ supporters turn into Sanders Democrats, working with Democratic interest groups for years to come. The a[...]

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Why WASTATE Dems are Fooling Themsleves About Our States Being Lefty


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Radical Republicans


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BREAKING NEWS: Trump’s Plain Illegal?

Trump’s campaign jet not registered to fly Trump was warned by the FAA that the jet’s registration was set to expire and was informed by the agency when it lapsed.[...]

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Why the Bernie Campaign Scares Me and Robert Reich

I hope, as a Jew, Bernie might find “messiah” an obnoxious term. Politicians MUST be hypocrites.  Bernie, for his part, has supported the NRA, criminalized stem cell research and taken campaign funds from Goldman Sachs and Hillary’s PACs. Sp Bernie’s trip to the Vartican di[...]

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Bernie and Guns

Bernie and Guns Beverly Jackson   But wait…below appears to be a photo of Charleton Heston marching for civil rights during the same period. Too bad he later decided to become the waterboy for the NRA and helped flood African American streets with handguns–creating carnage on a massive [...]

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Is Bernie a Media Creation?


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