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Saudis Threaten Blackmail

Saudi Arabia Warns of Economic Retailiation if Congress Passes 9/11 Bill By MARK MAZZETTIA NY Times (excerpted) Saudi Arabia has told the Obama administration and members of Congress that it will sell off hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of American assets held by the kingdom if Congress pa[...]

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Buchenwald 111: A dialog with Bill Quick on FACEBOOK

Bill Quick It’s sad that you’re so full of hate.  Stephen Schwartz Why do you think I hate?  Frankly, if you mean the family conflict, I feel anger and hurt, not hate.  I would still do anything I could to help my siblings, despite the huge damage they have done to my family.  Stephe[...]

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Explaining hypocrisy to my brother-in-law, Bill Quick

The Boston word for these folks was “lace curtain Irish.” Dear Bill, Your post on FACEBOOK celebrating Bernie Sanders’ meeting with Pope Francis as a way point in the progress of Jews and Catholics seems to miss the point.   Pope Francis may be many things, but he is also the Po[...]

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Bernie’s Excellent Roman Trip

Bernie Sanders got his way.  After soliciting an invite and spending a fortune in campaign funds, he chartered a 767 to fly his wife, children and grandchildren to Rome.  The in flight meal was first class,  the progressive candidate got to sleep in the Pope’s house and then, supposedly, [...]

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Resa Aslan? What religion supports female mutilation?


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What is Zionism?

Bat Zion Susskind-Sacks FACEBOOK   Again, I am getting nasty messages because I dare go against what some non Jews, those who call themselves “Zionists,” believe. Well let me try again for the slow learners among them. Who sat over two millennia ago by the rivers of Babylon and cri[...]

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Chinazor: China Screws Nigeria

Mr. Enukorah Kennedy, it is actually quite simple. President Buhari went to China in desperation. Let’s set aside my dislike for him. Basic economic principles dictates that you do not borrow money to fund your household budget. You cut your costs. If there are too many people on the payroll, [...]

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Ending Tenure at the “other UW”

The University of Wisconsin was once a great University, a world leader, competitive with the best of the ivies  because of its ability to attract world class faculty.  That era is passing. Critical to the success of American Universities has been the principle of tenure.  Tenure, as it is practi[...]