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Stop the bullying, intimidation, and discrimination against women on El Al flights! – Sign the Petition!

Jo Merrick FACEBOOK I am also signing because I have been intimated as well by Orthodox males. While taking an El Al flight to Israel from JFK airport a group of Chasidic males started to surround me as I was wearing a kippah. As a woman this was not acceptable for me to do so. My […][...]

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Demo Party Unity

Jane Sanders: Bernie and I Will Vote Hillary if We Have To In a candid interview with Tim Teeman, a straight-shooting Jane Sanders talks superdelegates, her husband’s temperament, the need for party unity, and missing her family. Jane Sanders and her husband Bernie will support Hillary Clinton if [...]

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Ted Cruz on Masturbation

Ted Cruz: Americans Have No Right To Masturbate As Texas solicitor general Cruz claimed that there was no right to stimulate one’s own genitals, something that has become quite contentious in many circles. I’m sure there will be a lot of unhappy watchmygf fans angry at Cruz’s comme[...]

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Chinazor: The Photoshoot in Nigeria

Chinazor Onianwah  If I told anyone who has travelled to the United States and Nigeria that it’s more fun visiting Nigeria, they probably would laugh it off. After all, the USA is a first world with better infrastructure and sophistication in services. Nigeria on the other hand, to the uninit[...]

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Two small steps to address UW’s race problem

Black Lives Matter and the protest movement have come to the UW. We are going to have meetings! I do not think “talking about it” will bring much change. A huge part of the problem is Seattle itself.  Whether is is called gentrification or black flight, this city has undertone a precipi[...]

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Clinton vs. Sanders: PUBLIC DEBATE

This Thursday, live from New York, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton will square off in the ninth presidential debate of the 2016 cycle. We invite you to join us at the Mercer Island Library to watch the debate with us in high definition. There is no cost to attend. Here are the details: NPI Democr[...]