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Commentary by Charlie

 Charlie James Its hard looking at right wing christian conservatives and not see a sexual deviant instead. To many of these guys have been hiding deep in some strange closets.[...]

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Of Class

Breaking the Bullingdon Club Omertà: Secret Lives of the Men Who Run Britain “Cameron would later deny being there that night. He was ambushed by a BBC interviewer who drew uncomfortable parallels between his old club and the actions of disaffected young people during the London riots, for wh[...]

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Black Service to the Confederacy

April 9 1865 .. end of the civil war[...]

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Buchenwald 106, Another year has passed and Hugh Schwartz is still destroying the pictures of Buchenwald.

Ken Waltzer   4 new photos from Buchenwald Dear Ken, You post yesterday meant so much to me!  I do not know if you have followed  my story, the story of an effort by my brother Hugh Schwartz and sister, Stephanie Quick, to destroy a remarkable Buchenwald heritage? It is also 71 years since my [...]