Russian Racism, Sponsored by Coke

Russian CokeBased on a report by Mitchell Polman in The Daily Beast

Americans might have a hard time recognizing racism as seen from the Russian POV.  The reporter for the Beast describes a segment devoted to the  “Texas separatist movement” with many tight shots of angry and downright nasty looking people of color shaking their fists or just looking like they are plotting to kill, including that most famous American of color of all, President Obama. A segment on Kentucky Fried Chicken’s conquest of the world started with a group of fried chicken-eating bare chested African-American men whose eyes popped in a D.W. Griffith fashion that was downright shocking.

This show and other anti-US propaganda is seen on REN-TV.  REN-TV  is owned by Yuri Kovalchuk’s National Media Group. Yuri Kovalchuk is Vladimir Putin’s buddy  and the largest shareholder in Bank Rossiya.  This !1Bank is seen as mafia-like holding company, organized by the Kremlin elite in order to hold their assets.   Boss Kovalchuk is on the U.S. Treasury and European Union’s sanctions list. The Treasury refers to Kovalchuk as the  banker for Putin, “Putin’s cashier.” The European Union placed Kovalchuk on their sanctions list specifically because of his media and propaganda activities.

Coke is a big and very visible player on Kovalchuk controlled TV stations across Russia. Procter & Gamble is reportedly now only advertising products that it sells only in Russia on television, such as Mif laundry detergent. Those products would not generally be recognizable as Procter & Gamble products to any Americans who happen to be watching Russian television.

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