A Jew Responds to FACEBOOK

Ruth Jacobs fACEBOOK  1 Feb 2016
I am a Jew, I love my fellow Jews, hurt one you hurt us all … that said I have a question.

Why are there so many Arabs who want to denigrate my people on our fb sites? Why are there so many Christians posting their religion on our sites?  Why are there so many “pretend’ Jews on our sites?
We are put down by many organisations world wide, NGO have shots at us when ever they choose, the UN, EU object to most of our actions.
Why then, if we are so bad , do they flood our sites .. for our good? OR to dispirit and try to demoralise us? Pure cussedness ?
To make them feel good….I am tired of deleting posts and blocking them …so I say if you see a post I have please leave it alone unless you are a friend or a JEW.

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