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3 cheers for the woman who told off Gov. Rick Scott!


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Watch the Spike and Bernie Show

Bernie Sanders Interviewed by Spike Lee for THR New York Issue It’s the last night of March, and there are hundreds of people lined up on the… Share HOLLYWOODREPORTER.COM[...]

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The lack of talent on Team Bernie is a major concern!

I am excited by Bernie. Is he for real? He makes me hope that the Dem Party may be able to come back to life as more than an a shell of loyalists who make politics a hobby or careerists who use party work to promote their ascent on the corporate ladder. What worries me […][...]

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A Jew Responds to FACEBOOK

Ruth Jacobs fACEBOOK  1 Feb 2016 I am a Jew, I love my fellow Jews, hurt one you hurt us all … that said I have a question. Why are there so many Arabs who want to denigrate my people on our fb sites? Why are there so many Christians posting their religion on our sites? […][...]

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Russian Racism, Sponsored by Coke

Based on a report by Mitchell Polman in The Daily Beast Americans might have a hard time recognizing racism as seen from the Russian POV.  The reporter for the Beast describes a segment devoted to the  “Texas separatist movement” with many tight shots of angry and downright nasty looking peop[...]