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Arizona Lawmaker: Americans Should Be Required To Attend Church On Sunday An Arizona lawmaker suggested Wednesday that Americans should be required to go to church on Sundays.[...]

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What is “Black?”

Who is Black? Striking Images of the World’s Dark-Skinned People Inaccurately Considered Non-Black Indigenous Australians and People of Oceania from the Atlanta Blackstar By now it’s evident that Africa is not the only place on earth that has indigenous Black people.  Australia and the islands [...]

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Of Gender and War


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Job #1 of the Legislature is a political hippocratic oath to do no harm.

 Reuven Carlyle FACEBOO   The state’s 2016 supplemental budget fails to meet that low standard. Not only did we fearlessly punt this year on McCleary, we’ve unnecessarily placed our state’s school districts in danger of losing nearly half a billion by failing to simply allow them to[...]

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Chinazor in Nigeria:

Chinazor Onianwah  A vast waste of talent and resources unfolding in this land of plenty. It’s depressing to show the photos of people queening to buy gasoline in a country that is the largest producer of crude oil, so I won’t. President Buhari’s incompetence is becoming glaring. [...]

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New Tech: Wireless Telephony