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An Exciting Page on Facebook


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Is Bernie Jewish?


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Anniverary of end of Vietnam War


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Two Koreas


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Scalia’s Death Provides A Narrow Escape for Public-Sector Unions This morning, the post Scalia court split 4-4 in Friedrichs v. CTA, leaving intact the  pro-California teachers union ruling from the lower courts.  It is clear that if Scalia had lived, the  legal challenge to Friedrichs wo[...]

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ISIS Plans Slaughter of Jewish Children in Turkey

Operatives from the terror group, arrested in the Turkish city of Gaziantep last week, revealed information about an “imminent” attack on Jewish children in Istanbul.  The synagogue in Beyoglu has kindergartens, schools and youth centers for Jewish children. An intelligence source reported, [...]

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North Korea requiring all residents of Pyongyang, North Korea’s capital city, to deliver about 2 lb. of rice to state warehouses each month.

“The road to revolution is long and arduous” North Korea instructed the country Monday to brace itself for possible famine:  “We may have to go on an arduous march, during which we will have to chew the roots of plants once again,” Rodong Sinmun, state-run newspaper. The editorial [...]

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THE-Ave Challenge: What is it?

A. Creature for upcoming Avatar II B.  Extinct Unicorn C. Horned hamster D. Rhinosaurus cub E. Symbol for post Trump GOP[...]

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Mansplaining to Hillary