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Commentary by Charlie: African Lives Matter

Charlie James You cry for Brussels I am too busy crying for Africa, and these tragedies are not on the national news. Horror at the beach: 22 dead in terrorist attack on Ivory Coast resorts Six gunmen dressed in black spared some Muslims while executing Christians,… WWW.WASHINGTONPOST.COM|BY MICHA[...]

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Dark Money in US Politics.

  Washington Post (Abstracted) Hard-to-trace “ghost corporations” are making large donations to super PACs allied with the 2016 candidates. The latest batch of campaign finance reports filed Sunday with the Federal Election Commission :   Children of Israel LLC It was incorporate[...]

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FACEBOOK: The Right Revives the CCCP

?Millie Christian? to CCCP Conservative Coalition of Cruz Patriots I told you that Melania Trump doing softcore porn was going to become a campaign issue. The vast majority of Americans don’t want a woman who did porn to be the First Lady. As much as we all love the videos on sites like videos[...]

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My wife is pro Hillary. I am pro Bernie.  So how will I decide?

Hillary vs Bernie … as we come to our caucuses. Pro Hillary: Despite the hype from Bernie fans, Hillary and Bernie are identical on most issues. Where she differs is in poetical skills. Where he differs is passion. Clinton’s network is deep and powerful. Here in Wastate, there are no ma[...]

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President Romney Does Not Want A Serial Polygamist as a Successor.

“Donald Trump has had several foreign wives; it turns out there really are jobs Americans won’t do,”[...]

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Oh OH! .. No Tipping Hurts the Waiters!

The End of Automatic Tipping Has Devastated Restaurant Paychecks  Photo: AP Unless you work in a restaurant, you may not have noticed that many restaurants no longer include “automatic gratuities” on the checks of large groups. But if you do work in a restaurant, this little change may have lef[...]