An Israeli Speaks on Brussels

This is not the time of solidarity with the victims, but it is the time of our ANGER; this is the hunting season for the terrorists of ISIS, PKK, Hamas, Hezbollah , Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, Muslim Brotherhood…whtaever. They are the beasts that have to be put down together with those that sent them. together with those that helped them, together with those that gave them money and protection, together with those that knew and never spoke, together with those that are justifying them. We have to fight the Islamic Terror, to hit those that in mosques, madrasas and social media are indoctrinating the future terrorists to terror and fanaticism. Now it’s the time to ally with those forces that are fighting against this murderous scum without pity and without quarter, to ally with those Muslim states that are fighting the Islamic Terror. It’s time for weapons and not for aromatic candles, it’s time to fight back with no clemency or mercy against those that are no more people, but rabid beasts. Later we may cry the victims; we are now in war.

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