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The ad that got Trump’s goat (nsfw)

Actually, Bill Clinton in drag is more likely to become First Lady than Melania Trump is.    [...]

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Sorry, no sex we are Communists

Plunging oil prices mean Venezuelan women are running out of birth control Shortages of basic goods such as milk, rice, corn and diapers have resulted from  state price controls . Another victim?  Birth control pills and condoms. Venezuelan women looking for birth control pills have turned to [...]

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GOP Debacle: Replacing McCain

· ” Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) is facing what may be the toughest reelection of his Senate career in an unpredictable presidential year, when many voters are angry with Washington.” Early polls show McCain tied with his Democratic challenger, Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D-Ariz.), at around 40[...]

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A Paen to German Healthcare

 Terry Miles  FACEBOOK This country is so F up! I am unemployed, but have health insurance through my significant other’s company. However, I can’t afford to go to the doctors! I seriously miss living in Germany, where I paid a little bit more in taxes, but I could go to the doctors an[...]

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Saving the white race

Ann Coulter Adopting Two Children From Sweden Ann Coulter By Jamal Whiteman Conservative commentator Ann Coulter says she is doing her part to halt America’s rapidly- declining white majority by adopting two white children from Sweden. “Since I am too old to have children the natural way, I hav[...]

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The Faux Fox Obsession with Hillary’s Email

  WASHINGTON (AP) — Asked earlier this month whether she’d be indicted over her use of a private email server as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton responded: “It’s not going to happen.” Though Republicans characterized her response as hubris, several legal expert[...]

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A Friend Laments Belgian Atrocity

Paula Spina FACEBOOK Our most heartfelt condolences go out this morning to all of the victims of this latest terror attack. But everyone must keep in mind that the sick religious fervor of these attackers makes victims of us all. Because of them our cultures and societies become daily more totalita[...]

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A Black Racist Speaks About Israel

 “For those who are squeamish about what I say regarding Israel, Netanyahu and AIPAC, former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney explains how Israel has the US Congress under siege. On one hand they swear an allegiance to the United States and on the other, swear a greater allegiance to the St[...]

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Mitch McConnell Claims Constitution is Obsolete

Mitch McConnell To Fox News: NRA Must Approve Of New Supreme Court Justice Put another way, if Scalia had ruled against one man one vote, that too would be OK.  Mitch McConnell, in effect, wants the power in power to determine what si and what is and is not  constitutional.[...]

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Chinazor on Nigerian Art … The sadness of Nigeria as a country

Chinazor Onianwah   The sadness of Nigeria as a country is that she has everything but leadership. There is no academy of science or the humanities to provide a forum for a genius like Olumide and countless others to export and promote their masterpieces worldwide. I once asked an official of the [...]