Chinazor: Of Jews and Christians

ChinazorChinazor Onianwah


 “Your kids would thank you someday. If you wondering which of the baby daddies is the Christian and which is the jew,”

I am seriously considering refurbishing by ordination as a Reverend. Everything I predicted would occur in the Christian faith has come to pass already.

In 1997, I told a young teenager that homosexuality is not sin and the church would soon embrace it. That already happened. I also predicted marijuana use would soon be decriminalized. That was little tricky because this young lady, Lisa asked me if it was ok to let her baby father move in with her and her new baby father during the cold winter of 2000. I said of course. He is the father of your daughter and your new baby father is the father of your son. This could become a very special Christmas for you all. I didn’t see her again for six months. I ran into her at the grocery store in the company of her old baby father with her younger child. How is everything going with you all?  She hastily pulled me into another isle away from her baby father and the child.  

Rev. Chi, I got to tell you this. In her words, she narrated how she came home from working the night shift as a licensed nursing practitioner at the community hospital in laurel. Her two baby daddies had gotten the two kids ready for school and day care and they both drove in her car to take the kids to school. She was tired but not sleepy so she fired up a leftover joint. Midway through her baby fathers returned. They all passed around tokes of the joint. Then it started to rain and Sade’s sweetest taboo came on the radio. That song and the joint and the rain started a chain reaction of events. Lisa woke up to use the bathroom, but she couldn’t. Her naked body was sandwiched between her two baby daddies and she could feel a throbbing turgid member stock in her anal area and the rest of the body it belonged to was fast asleep. In her front, her other baby daddy was snorring down her cleavage. She managed to extricate herself without waking them up. She wanted to know if sleeping with both her baby daddies was sinful. I told her no. There is nothing better than knowing where your baby daddies are.

Your kids would thank you someday. If you wondering which of the baby daddies is the Christian and which is the jew, lets just …. 

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