Calling Trump a “racist” is wrong.

Misuse of terms like race, holocaust, pervert, .. all these horrible terms … diminishes the horror of crimes like slavery, extermination of a people, or rape.

Words should have meaning.  Racism is a horrible belief that some humans are less than or worse the the rest of us because they are of a different race.  Racism began in Spain when the Inquisition decided that anyone descended from a Jew would always be tainted by the blood guilt for the death of Jesus.  Later, the Spaniards used the same idea to justify the enslavement of Africans .. after all if Africans were not fully human then Africans could be used as cattle.
Hate for others is not only race.  The Northern Irish and the Irish of Eire were and are of one race.  Russians and Ukrainian, Jews and Palestinians .. all are of one race.
Trump is a hate monger but raising tempers over immigrants who speak Spanish is not racism. Rather the people calling him by this term are themselves racists, deciding that Trump’s bigotry is based on skin color rather than ethnic and class hatred.
Now, the brother of slain civil rights leader Medgar Evers has endorsed Trump. I doubt that Charles Evers is a racist and more than Jacqueline Kennedy was a racist because her ancestors were black.

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