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A GOP anti-Trump ad

Have you ever seen anyone run an ad like this against their own party’s frontrunner? Incredibly, this isn’t a Democratic ad, it’s a Republican Super-PAC’s ad. [...]

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BREAKING NEWS! Black Athelete Endorses TRUMP

National Black Republican Association Endorses Donald Trump for President OJ Simpson has joined with other African Americans and the  “grassroots activist” organization called The National Black Republican Association, in callin to their community to return to the party of Lincoln.  The Rep[...]

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Happy Birthday Albert!


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Calling Trump a “racist” is wrong.

Misuse of terms like race, holocaust, pervert, .. all these horrible terms … diminishes the horror of crimes like slavery, extermination of a people, or rape. Charles Evers, brother of slain civil rights leader Medgar Evers, endorses Donald Trump Words should have meaning.  Racism is a horri[...]

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Comment by Anthony: The Student at 5AM


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Happy Pi Day


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Hitler reacts to GOP primaries

(NSFW; viewer discretion advised due to foul language in subtitles)[...]