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Bigotry in Black and White


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Cruz blames Obama for Trump rally violence

In last night’s GOP debate, after telling viewers Obama is an “emporer” who believes he’s “above the law,” Ted Cruz “told Republican voters that the violence [at Trump rallies] is a direct result of the election of President Obama. Cruz said that Washington [...]

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Fundies Unite: Christians Welcome Muslims to the US!

America and ISIS: International Sponsors of Religious FreedomWith all the talk this week about turning away people from the Middle East at the inn, only welcoming Guaranteed® True Christians™, and registering people of other faiths like sex offenders, I decided to re-release this video. I hope it[...]

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Huge protests force Trump to cancel Chicago rally

Donald Trump cancelled a campaign appearance at the University of Illinois-Chicago on Friday night after supporters and protesters clashed inside the arena and outside in the streets. Media sources report isolated fights breaking out in the crowds. Livestreams are being shown by CNN and ABC News on [...]

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Antisemtism in the Cruz campaign

According to Ted Cruz supporter, evangelical leader Mike Bickle, God will send Jesus back to Jerusalem only “after the Jewish people repent.” Why Ted Cruz’s Preacher Sidekick Is No Friend of the Jews — or Israel Mike Bickle, the evangelical leader and Ted Cruz supporter, claims to be a f[...]

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Canada #1


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Gary Hart on the Constitution

from Huff Post When the United States, uniquely among historical national powers, established itself on the foundation of principles, our founders purposely intended to establish us as a beacon among nations. But they also created a high standard for national behavior that has proved a burden ever s[...]

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How to identify the human races