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Rogaine Addiction: Gateway to crime

Police Hunt Bald Guy     FEBRUARY 25–Ohio police are hunting for a bald suspect in connection with a series of Rogaine thefts. According to cops, the middle-aged thief has boosted the popular hair loss treatment in repeated thefts at pharmacies, including a Walgreens in Mt. Healthy, a city [...]

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Sputnick News: Assad the Peacemaker

Syrian President Bashar-al-Assad called the recent truce in Syria a “glimmer of hope” and assured that his government will make every effort to maintain the ceasefire, the Syrian leader said in an interview with the ARD TV channel. Assad also promised “full amnesty” to repre[...]

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Happy Birthday To My Wife


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THE AVE Challenge .. What is this man trying to say?


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Somebody Needs to Ask Cruz and Rubio: How Come Cuban Immigrants are OK?

  Why isn’t this an issue for Trump?   Tens of thousands of Cubans are immigrating to the US with none of the screening efforts required for Mexicans, Costa Ricans, or anyone else from south of the border. While the  Cubano wannabee Presidents threaten mass deportations of Latin Ameri[...]

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Jew Man, Jew Lady … Funnie Selfie


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A Member of the First People of Canada Argues For The rights of Jews to Israel

Why is this important? It is important to indigenous people because we cannot allow the argument that conquerors can become indigenous. If we, as other indigenous people, allow that argument to be made, then we are delegitimising our own rights.   If conquerors can become indigenous, then the whit[...]

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REPOST: When I was a Republican

I was a Republican. At least my fellow delegates kept asking me if I was a Republican.  This lasted the four days of their state convention. Apparently my credentials had been questioned. I was worried about how many of my fellow delegates were carrying guns, and the chair did tell the audience tha[...]

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Happy Birthday Hillel

STOP being Left-handed!!! God knows there are plenty of good reasons for ending up in hell, so why challenge fate just because you want to feel like something special? Approximately 10 percent of the world population today is running around and telling others that they are left-handers – this [...]