WTF: why is MSNBC wasting its screen space on a hairdo?

Brian WilliamsMSNBC has been an experiment.  

Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, Larry O’Donnell, Chris Mathews are all impressive . .. though rather redundant. Their shows recycle new content.

MSNBC needs more diversity .. not just in skin color but personality. 

Sharpton was a different personality but he was also an effing mess.   As a TV talker he had to read the teleprompter and he reads badly.   Worse, Sharpton is a sharpie, more about self promotion then analysis of any other sort.  Even worse, the “Reverend Al” took up screen space that could be filled by NBC’s own outstanding Black folks.. a message brought home after Melissa Harris Perry quit because she was being replaced by   dandruff falling from talking anchormen like NBC’s outcast Brian Williams.

Williams is still there despite being laid off of the evening news after repeated efforts at embroidering his career with mad eup stories oif journalistic heroism.

What a waste!

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