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Breaking News: Roger Ailes says Fox News is finished with the Rubio alliance after the poor super Tuesday performance.

‘We’re FINISHED with Rubio’ – Fox News’ head honcho Roger Ailes loses confidence in Marco The New York Times might have done in Marco Rubio’s campaign, as it’s being reported that Roger Ailes, the Fox News head honcho is declaring that he’s lost…Readmore[...]

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Carson drops out

I tried to put this announcement in smaller type, but this is as small as it goes.    [...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Romney speech will “be worth covering.” 

Speculation had been mounting as to whether Romney will endorse a candidate, or even enter the race himself in an effort to counter Trump’s surging campaign.  A Romney aide told NBC News  only that Mitt Romney  not make an endorsement or announce his own campaign.  Butr she went on  [...]

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The F.C.C. Gets Ready to Unlock the Cable Box

Any PC can outdo any cable box. All that is needed is a very inexpensive device with the equivalent of a SIM card. Even better, a cheap device in your TV or linked to a any tablet would open up a HUGE world of competition for better interfaces! Mike James on FB: I make no […][...]

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WTF: why is MSNBC wasting its screen space on a hairdo?

MSNBC has been an experiment.   Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, Larry O’Donnell, Chris Mathews are all impressive . .. though rather redundant. Their shows recycle new content. MSNBC needs more diversity .. not just in skin color but personality.  Sharpton was a different personality but he was [...]

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Trump Chooses a Pet


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I see a huge challenge finding a female to play Trumpette

Sandeep Kaushik on FACEBOOK says that Trump v. Clinton is going to be “spectacularly, historically negative and ugly” because we have “two candidates who are  unpopular and not trusted by most voters.” Sandeep speaks as a political operative in a year where we are likely [...]

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Why Trump Now?

David Brewster I find lots of meat in Tom Edsall’s analysis of the election. Here he looks at why the dam of economic anger has broken now, much to the advantage of Trump. A key factor, over the 40 years this pressure has been building (and not addressed) is the fallout from the 2008 recession[...]

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