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Trump’s Triumph … the fruits of FOX

While the Republican Party bemoans its fate. they need look no farther than the 4 decades  since Lee Atwood  grafted the KKK and bluedogs of Southern racisms onto Reagan’s flag waving appeal to the working class. The Democratic Party has contributed in its own way too.  Liberal causes .. f[...]

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RUMOR: Newt Gingrich joins the Trumpeters?

Donald Trump has added a press conference at his Mar-A-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Fla., tonite on Super Tuesday, fueling speculations of another high-profile endorsement. The rumor is that Newt Gingrich will be throwing in his endorsement for the GOP nomination.[...]

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Is Rubio living in the Rook of Revelations? “the hounds of hell will descend on Trump”

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio said Sunday: “If Donald Trump were to ever become the nominee immediately the hounds of hell will descend on him, tear him apart, everything he’s ever done from not releasing his taxes to all of his failed business dealings,” he said on CBS’s “F[...]

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No Professorships For You!

Open Letter to My Students: No, You Cannot be a Professor also posted No, You Cannot be a Professor–the Reactions and For New Readers: Northwest History’s Greatest Hits.] In a way it is the greatest compliment a student can give. I ask them what they want to do with their history degree.[...]

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What an email dump reveals about the selection of the UW President.

SEATTLE Times: emails suggest UW regents decided on new president days before public vote abstracted from piece by Lewis Kamb:  A Public Records Request of emails by the Seattle Times shows the chairman of the University of Washington’s Board of Regents discussing the choi[...]

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Michael Hood: Returning to Seattle

Michael Hood at Hotel Oloffson.· Port-au-Prince, Haiti · Dear Facebook friends and others: I’m sitting in the dear old, peculiar yet decrepit Oloffson in Port Au Prince having had real breakfast. This has been a hang place for writers, local media, and other international types since Graham [...]

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Bernie winds the coif war!


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NATE SILVER: The GOP might as well relocate the Republican National Committee’s headquarters to Trump Tower.

 Is The GOP Done?   abstracted from fivethirtyeight By NATE SILVER If Donald Trump wins the Republican presidential nomination, he’ll have undermined a lot of assumptions we once held about the GOP. He’ll have become the nominee despite neither being reliably conservative nor being very electa[...]