A Jew’s Big Wallet Goes Silent

Athena ImageSheldon Adelson and the missing $100 million

The casino mogul, the biggest donor of 2012 and a major force bringing Israel’s Likhud and the Americana Tea Party into collusion,  is withholding his big checks, puzzling Republicans.

Adelson is thought to distrust Trump bit seems ot be sitting out the battle between the Cubans and the New York mogul.  The alte kache and his wife appear to be divided on the presidential race ― he is leaning towards Rubio, while she is said to favor Cruz.

Mort Klein, president of the hawkish Adelson-funded nonprofit group Zionist Organization of America hosted a 2014 dinner at which Cruz received an award for his support of Israel and got to sit next to the Adelsons. On the other end of the spectrum, Klein described Trump as having “no knowledge of the Middle East” and “saying things that aren’t true in any way shape or form.”

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