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BREAKING NEWS: WA state Senate fails to support Republican effort to just pay fines imposed by WA Supreme Court

Reuven Carlyle On Senate floor debating Democratic amendments to Republican budget. Sen. Christine Rolfes’s plan to simply acknowledge and include $21 million in fines by Supreme Court under the McCleary ruling failed along party lines. Wow, just wow.[...]

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Chinazor Onianwah In high school, I fancied myself as a playwright, nursing the hope that I will someday be like William Shakespeare whom I appreciated enormously. I read as many Shakespeare plays as I could find in my scanty high school library. Even on one occasion, the drama teacher gave me permi[...]

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Commentary by SMS: A New Political Party .. the True Republicans

If Trump (as is likely) is the candidate of the Reps and Bernie (as is unlikely) is the candidate of the Dems there will clearly be at last one and likely two third party challenges. Some on the left claim that Trump will beat Hillary because she lacks a dogmatic progressive message.   This is t[...]

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Photography: Last Night’s Republican Debate


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Trump wins mud fight debate before Super Tuesday


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When the Tea Party Comes to Power: Lech Walesa Is A Spy!

(Based on report in Bloomberg Business) Poland’s right wing  Law & Justice government in Warsaw has  set out to rewrite the history of its fight with communism. After  four months in power, Law & Justice is  on a collision course with the European Union, the nation’s banks and[...]

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Buchenwald 104: Denial of slavery, Syria and the Shoah

It is All to Easy to deny Responsibility The importance of my father’s story is not just about him, it is about resisting the effort to turn personal stories of horror into sterile history .. words in books that allow our descendants to deny their responsibility for what happened or take pr[...]