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41 Years Since Malcom X’s Death


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Why Trump is popular …

… and his fans will be disappointed. Mother Jones puts it this way: “Trump didn’t win in spite of being a boor, a bigot, and an analog internet troll; he won because he was proudly all those things. For all the diversions (who picks a fight with the pope, anyway?), he articulated a[...]

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Portland Airport Lost & Found

This time, it’s the passenger who can’t be found …[...]

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Education, Texas-style

Remember the Texas State Board of Education? They bought textbooks calling Southern slaves “workers.” Makes you wonder who gets elected to TBSE. Meet Mary Lou Bruner, a retired teacher running for a TSBE position! If this isn’t the education you want for your kids, you’d bett[...]

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Advise and consent


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The elephant in the room is … (phew) … dead.

Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton, recently has noticed something: The elephant isn’t moving and smells, um, ripe. In other words, it appears to be dead. “I’m writing to you today to announce the death of the Republican Party. It is no longer a living, vital, a[...]

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Megachurch pastor tells ‘confused’ Pope to beg forgiveness from ‘martyr’ Donald Trump Pastor Robert Jeffress told radio host Sean Hannity that he thinks Pope Francis should apologize to Donald Trump for saying Trump is not a Christian. RAWSTORY.COM[...]

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David Preston honors Jeb Bush

David Preston  People may say I can’t sing, but no one can ever say I didn’t sing. –Florence Foster Jenkins[...]

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Buchenwald 101: And now there are none.

“The death of 93-year-old Holocaust survivor Samuel Willenberg marks the passing of the last known link to the notorious death camp of Treblinka, perhaps the most vivid example of Nazi Germany’s attempt to destroy European Jewry. “ Last Treblinka survivor dies. Of the 875,000 Jews [...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Mitt Romney To Endorse Marco Rubio, ex Mormon

COLUMBIA, S.C. — In a major development in the Republican presidential race, 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney will endorse Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) for president, The Huffington Post has learned from two Republican sources.   Marco Rubio Says He Felt ‘Called’ to Leave Mormon Chu[...]