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Folio: Tonight, great grandson of a slave will talk

David Brewster Here’s an article about Folio, the new membership library I and others have started in Seattle. It appears in Governing magazine, one of my favorite national journals. And speaking of Folio, we have a free program this Thursday night, 6 pm, with Carver Gayton talking about his r[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Nikki Haley Angling to be Veep Under President Ryan

S.C. Governor Nikki Haley: Anyone but Trump Haley hedges on GOP endorsement, but says Trump represents “everything a governor doesn’t want in a president” WWW.CBSNEWS.COM UPDATE:  Nikki Haley endorses Marco Rubio READ THE FULL STORY[...]

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Republican Dream Team


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Are “agency fees” not political?

 Roberta Gold, AAUP UW Sudhir’s view jibes with everything I’ve read: SCOTUS mavens think Scalia’s death will create a hung Court in Friedrichs, which will, in turn, leave in place the 9th Circuit’s union-friendly decision. Further, the issue in Friedrichs is agency fees for[...]

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(Seattle) Vast Far-Left-Wing Conspiracy to Control UW Unmasked

The AAUP  listserv is beginning to sound more than a bit like a Republican Presidential debate. While one side brings up the issues of politicization of the UW by SEIU, the other  in a not so naive way, proclaims that is is shocked at claims that the SEIU and SEIU/UW have  been associated with c[...]

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The Cruzader Applauds (Christian) Terrorism

Cruz Lies About Planned Parenthood ‘Selling Body Parts’ As evidence mounts that the Christian terrorist who killed people and wounded about a dozen others in an attack on a Planned Parenthood clinic was motivated by a series of dishonestly edited videos that purported to show that the group sell[...]

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BUCHENWALD 100: Poland denies responsibility for the death camps.

Poland to sue for references to ‘Polish death camps’ Poland’s Justice Minister has announced that a new bill could see the country pressing charges over reports in the international media about “Polish death camps” in relation to Nazi German compounds. READMORE about my own fam[...]

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Flying Over Mars


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CENSORSHIP: Why the UW Needs a blog

  The only source of pubic discussion for UW faculty is a listserv run by the AAUP.  That listserv is terribly important because of the historic devotion of the AAUP to free speech. The AAUP listserv is an antique. Many faculty think the listserv is private.   That is not so.  Since the list[...]