UW-Bothell blindsides neighbors with dormitory plans

How would you like the University of Washington dropping a 500-student dormitory into your residential neighborhood?

The UW-Bothell poobahs pushing this scheme aren’t dummies. They knew it would go over like a lead balloon. So they did what comes naturally to scheming bureaucrats: They concealed their intentions as long as possible, waged a campaign of deception, and worked behind the scenes to change the permitting rules to fast-track the project through the permitting process before anyone wised up.

Shame on them.

The stakes couldn’t be higher for the neighbors. Five hundred students living in a high-rise dormitory just 60 feet from their backyard fences will make their home unlivable. It will bring noise, traffic, garbage, and loud music into the neighborhood. UW-Bothell whines they couldn’t find a property big enough for the dormitory anywhere else. Tough! UW-Bothell has survived this long without dormitories. Let ’em figure out how to make do, like they always have. That’s what college administrators get paid their big salaries for.

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A typical college dormitory building

Photo: This is what a large college dormitory looks like. Would you want one of these 60 feet from your house? (This one is on the campus of Bentley College in Waltham, Massachusetts.) UW-Bothell’s neighbors want the university to site the dorm at a more appropriate location, such as on a campus, or at least somewhere away from residential neighborhoods.

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