THE Ave DIALOG : A Norwegian and a Nigerian Debate Immigration

KnuteKnut Robert Knutsen I know that we have a problem in Norway with Christian churches taking an interest in Muslims who have been rejected for asylum but are undergoing the (tedious and often time consuming) appeals process.

While they may not be persecuted in their country when they come here, if they convert to Christianity, as apostates they

are at greater risk of persecution if they are returned.


CLICK to hear Jeb Bush saying that the US should accept Christian Syrian refugees and that is is easy to tell who is a Christian.

The question being, are these conversions real or opportunist, and should Christians proselytize to people who face deportation into a country where conversion puts them at risk?

Also, apparently some who have been returned, have upon inquiry from local authorities declared their conversions to Christianity false and merely a means to escape deportation. But is THAT a lie by a Christian seeking to escape persecution from Muslims or a truth by a Muslim pretending to convert to escape deportation.

Also, secularists find the idea revolting that Christian Norwegians try to get converts by implicitly promising that if people convert they stand a better chance of asylum.

That always seems to be a problem with Christian Charity (in our experience) it is often less about actually helping than it is about securing converts.

Also, a lot of anti-Muslim racism dredges up conversion to Christianity as a “solution” to the Muslim problem.

Of course, since roughly half the population (while technically making up the majority of the Lutheran church that until a few years ago was the state church) are atheist or agnostic and even most Christians aren’t to keen on the kind of Christianity that proselytizes, this is not a “solution” that inspires confidence.


Chinazor is an Igbo American from Nigeria.. He added t this essay “I might add have always been very civilized.”


Chinazor Onianwah  Upon the arrival of the Whites for the first time in waht became Nigeria, we Igbo rolled out the red carpet, so to speak.

We recognized the humanity as opposed to anything else. Even though these immigrants  looked different, spoke differently, and dressed differently. We recognized the similarities we shared with them.

The abilities to talk, touch, see, memory, are things that only humans could do. Unfortunately, the intelligence of the Whites was not as high as ours. Their goal was short term and they took our kindness and hospitality for weakness and they plundered and looted and devoured us for over 500 hundred years. You call that western civilization. Some of us have mastered western civilization. We mete it out to ourselves. From every neighborhood in the American urban landscape to all the major cities in Africa – we loot, plunder and devour ourselves.

When Christopher Columbus did the same thing, it was called western civilization, now that we are doing it, they called it third world manifestation.

Of course if you want to settle among the igbo today, you go to the embassy of Nigeria, apply for a visa to live in Nigeria. Acquire a piece of land and build a home. If you fall in love with one or two or three Igbo girls and they love you, you can marry all of them. If you speak igbo well enough and do some good in the village, they might appoint you a chief. The first thing we see about you is what you share in common before they see your differences. In spite of everything, we are still a very highly intelligent people. It amazes me how non Africans are not like that.

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  1. Knut Robert Knutsen #

    To clarify, when I wrote this on facebook, it was in reference to a conversation about religious conversion in relation to asylum seekers.

    Not a comment on immigration through regular channel which follows standard rules like having a steady job lined up that pays a median wage, or other financial security to demonstrate one won’t be a financial burden on the state.

    Which is in a sense very similar to what Chinazor describes, although I don’t know the particular requirements of Nigerian immigration laws.

  2. theaveeditor #

    Thanks. The comments are int the same thread at FB. I put then together because both deal with the problem of Christian cultures assuming that their religions is the same as civilization .. or even race! Did you watchg the clip form Jeb Bush?.

  3. Cecil #

    Is it just me or did you say; “Unfortunately, the intelligence of the Whites was not as high as ours. ….they took our kindness and hospitality for weakness and they plundeerede and looted and devoured us for over 500 HUNDRED YEARS!”

    Do you proof read or did you mean to write that statement. This is totally incongruent in my mind. 500 yare? Is the patience of higher intelligence? I must tell you right now that whenever I have met a higher intelligence that they were extremely short on patience..

    Now I’ve got to look up and study the Igbo to try to get a handle on your post. BTW The inset says you are American ,but , then added ‘have always been very civilized’ like you maybe came from Texas, you know a rough around the edges bible thumping gun owner .hey don’t go off on me. I’m just relating the liberal point of view.

    All that said I guess my question is does your race possess the intelligence to standby patiently and be raped and devoured for 500 years? I might as well go all the way to make you an enemy with this, to wit : Some of us have mastered western civilization. And it only took 500 years.The rest ? ?

    As far as Mr knudson is concerned. He is totally off base but somehow I can see his perspective is somewhere between Catholic and gibberish.

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