Antareans Discover Space Vehicle with Strange, Almost Human Fifures Inscirbed on Platinum Plaque.

Primate Life May Exist on Other Planets.

Orbital Station 12 recovered what appears to be a primitive space probe from outside our solar system.  The probe was an  object about 72 Untitled-2!11Frenger long, a tube made of aluminum containing a chemical propulsion device similar to early pre launch “rockets” used around 23 Mrtels ago.

Inside was a plaque engraved on platinum .. a rare metal whose permanence suggests an intent by a far of species lacking wave drive technology to communicate its existence.

This engraving may tell us that we are not the only intelligent primates!  While the creatures look to be primates like us. only one seems to have a tail and that is very short suggesting a limited ability to manipulate tools.  This individual, moreover, lacks the frontal computational appendages characteristic of all intelligent primates on our world. Professor 1wen ir Rim Tech suggests that the larger primate may be some sort of servant s of a different species given the lack of frontal computational appendages and the short but prehaps extendable tail.

An alternative hypothesis is that these are two genders of 0ne species? If the latter, which is tgevwrn?? How do they mate with such small noses?

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