Phoning for Bern


True Story: Phone banking on Saturday morning for Bern. Calling South Carolina. In two hours I make about 45 calls. The vast majority are “refused to talk,” not unusual, but I reach about 10 folks who say they are undecided. For us in the Bernie camp that is a very very good sign. But I reach one elder women (the database says she is 75) who is completely decided. She tells me, “young man, I’ve already voted!” Surprise and confusion. I know you can’t vote by mail in a primary. (We really should be able to, but that is for another thread and time). I try and go with her. “You already voted….really, can I ask you you voted for?” With gusto she replies…”I voted for Jesus!” I think for a split second, “how the hell do I mark Jesus down?” Then I think, “what the hell…and offer “God Bless you ma’am!” She immediately responds, “Well young man…God Bless you too!” I feel blessed. I do. I mark down “Other candidate.” Grateful to be blessed. I am.

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