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THE Ave Challenge: Did the Confederacy Have a Constitution?


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We believe that Almighty God has sent us Adolf Hitler so that he may rid Germany of the hypocrites and Pharisees. (Robert Ley, Head of the German Labour Front)[...]

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Far ouT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nominate Anita Hill for Supreme Court Justice Claudia Bestor¬†Los Angeles, CA Anita Hill For Supreme Court Now THAT’S Justice! Anita Hill is a highly qualified legal scholar with all the right qualifications to be a Supreme Court Justice. She will be an excellent choice to make the most import[...]

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Is Bernie a Victim of (Black) Antisemitism?

Maybe those opposed to Bernie because he is a Jew, ought to relaize that Hillary is a Bubbie![...]

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Valentine’s Day


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When Christians Evangelize Refugees

Knut Robert Knutsen I know that we have a problem in Norway with Christian churches taking an interest in Muslims who have been rejected for asylum but are undergoing the (tedious and often time consuming) appeals process. While they may not be persecuted in their country when they come here, if the[...]

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Phoning for Bern

¬†Joseph A. Losi FACEBOOK True Story: Phone banking on Saturday morning for Bern. Calling South Carolina. In two hours I make about 45 calls. The vast majority are “refused to talk,” not unusual, but I reach about 10 folks who say they are undecided. For us in the Bernie camp that is a v[...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Gravity is a wave


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Valentine’s Day


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Sunday Revelations: should the US choose a Bubbie or a Zaydie as President?