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Watch man get evicted from Trump rally for being Muslim


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Rubio is no moderate

Marco Rubio’s tax plan will drastically cut taxes for millionaires and make up the revenue losses by slashing safety-net programs that help the middle class and poor. The end result will be “richer millionaires and weaker safety nets.” Would you vote for that? Read story here.[...]

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Happy Birthday Abe? Sorry we schrewed up!


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How GOP budget cut may risk the life of a presidential candidate

Crowded Presidential Race Could Strain Secret Service Budget By Ryan McCrimmon | 11 a.m. Al Drago/CQ Roll Call The 2016 presidential race could pose a bigger challenge than usual for the agency in charge of guarding candidates vying for their party’s nomination[...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: False AlTernative Reality Syndrome (FARS)… Palestinian Version.

What is “FARS?”[...]

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GOP Call in .. A PAID CALL?


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Cliven Bundy’s Indictment Charges Massive Conspiracy The unsealed indictment lays out events in Nevada, and holds Bundy accountable for all of them. Share CROOKSANDLIARS.COM|BY KAROLI KUNS[...]

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A Kind Gesture on FACEBOOK


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Steve Jenks Burn BABY BURN , American Citizens In San Bernardino Burn Down Radical Islamic Mosque America is teetering on the verge of total anarchy less than a year before Obama prepares to leave office???? You don’t say!  Would you like to know the ending of… THELASTGREATSTAND.COM[...]

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Happy Darwin/Lincoln Day!

  A very happy 207 birthday to Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin! [...]