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Tagore on UW Unionization

 From the AAUP Listserv  Rajib Doogar This is meant as a largely light-hearted aside/riff evoked by Professor Peñas use of the formulation “… for the people …”.  But, as always, in the spirit of the greatest Marx of the them all, “no aspersions unintended.” [...]

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NY cop convicted

Maybe the tide is finally turning against killer cops. A jury has convicted a New York City cop with an itchy trigger finger who shot an innocent man in a dark stairwell in November 2014. The killing of Akai Gurley, 28, by Officer Peter Liang spurred angry demonstrations. Liang faces up to 15 years [...]

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Do People Still Ask These Questions?


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GOP: In South Carolina, a ‘viper’s nest’ awaits

POLITICO: Down in South Carolina, it’s different. The litany of dirty GOP politics in the Palmetto State is very long.  Whispers and rumors range from John McCain having an illegitimate black child to a bogus Mitt Romney Christmas card with controversial quotes from the Book of Mormon. Flier[...]

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Rubio fan assaults robot man

Yes, politics is contentious, and sometimes enthusiasts get carried away. But this is going too far.[...]

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Bernie has a Nosh

From FACEBOOK: Yesterday, after he had breakfast with Al Sharpton, in Harlem, and after his appearance on the T.V. show “The View”, Bernie Sanders returned to his old neighborhood, in Brooklyn [where I live]. His old neighborhood ia still Jewish, though mostly composed of immigrants from[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Election is Over, John Lewis Endorses Hillary

John Lewis endorses Clinton, says he’s never met Sanders Georgia congressman and civil rights leader John Lewis joins other leaders of the Congressional Black Caucus to endorse Hillary Clinton for president. When asked… MSNBC.COM[...]

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Chaos for GOP

GOP Grows Anxious About Rubio… ‘There’s A Definite Level Of Concern’… Rubio Keeps Defending Repeat Glitch… Surrogates Blame The Media… Marco Eyes Brokered Convention… Cruz Prepares For Streetfight vs. Rubio And Trump…[...]

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Mrs. Cruz: Ted is the face of God and the Pope as a Leninist


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THE Ave Challenge: Who Is This?

A. Justin Bieber in drag B. Donald Trump in drag C. Marco Rubio in drag D. Chris Christie’s wife, not in drag E. Megan Kelly in not in drag[...]