California sheriff pays $7 million for deputy’s love triangle murder

A deputy sheriff who allegedly used his police authority to murder a romantic rival isn’t in jail, but his employer will pay the victim’s family $6.95 million.

635906328342750539-2016-02-09-13-35-52--0800According to attorneys for the family of Luis Morin Jr. (photo), Riverside County deputy Oscar Rodriguez began dating Diana Perez, Morin’s girlfriend and mother of his four children, then went to Morin’s home on the pretext of arresting him for outstanding warrants, pinned him to the ground, and shot him at point-blank range. In subsequent legal proceedings, Rodriguez took the Fifth Amendment when attorneys questioned him about his relationship with Perez and his motives for killing Morin.

A criminal investigation is ongoing, but no charges have been filed, and Rodriguez has been placed on paid leave, but hasn’t lost his job.

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